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Making better products with White Hat UX

We are in the midst of the Age of the Customer. Customer loyalty is dropping, and people demand companies to be transparent, honest and sustainable.
In the end, you get better results if you design good, fun, exciting, lovely, interesting and real user experiences. White Hat User experiences. White Hat UX is a powerful competitive advantage that more companies could make use of. It also makes for a good business case when done right.
This talk explains the do’s and don’t of White and Black Hat UX, spiced with a variety of nasty and stellar UX examples and a dive into the metrics of UX to help you measure your UX success.
Video of the White Hat UX talk (Codegarden 2019)

UX for digital natives/ designing for children

Kids these days use online tools from before they can read. They are growing up in a new paradigm – they have not known the world before the Internet. An this impacts the way they act on, interact with, and perceive digital interfaces and the web.

With the increasing amount of time kids spend online, designers and businesses must take responsibility of the experiences they expose kids to. Our job should be to empower kids, not make their lives difficult.

In this talk, Trine will share her insights about the way kids interact with interfaces, how it differs from the interaction patterns of adults, and provide some guidelines on how to design for kids in a respectful and empowering way.

Video of the designing for kids talk (Smashing Conference Freiburg 2018)

The User Centered Process

User centered design is the corner stone of user experience design. If you don’t have a laser focus on the people you make things for, there is no way you are going to ever design a meaningful experience for them.
Video of the User Centered Process talk (UX Riga 2014)