gotoAndSki(‘Switzerland’) is only a few weeks away(!), and I absolutely can’t wait!

There will be a lot of great sessions to see. My talk will evolve around the field of cognitive psychology.

Cognitive psychology is about how we learn. How we perceive. How we react to things we interact with.

When designing interactive experiences for humans, knowing how we learn, perceive, react and memorize is crucial. And yet, we rarely hear about cognitive psychology in discussions about interaction design. Sure, areas like emotional design and persuasive design are buzzwords these days, but where do these “theories” really come from? They come from the field of cognitive psychology.

In my session, I want to take a step back and tell about why people react how they react. I’m going to provide important insight into human behavior, and show how we can use this knowledge to create even better interactive experiences.

If you haven’t picked up your ticket to gotoAndSki(‘Switzerland’), make sure to do so now. There are only a few ones left :)

See you in the Swiss Alps!



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