This week I’m in London to attend the Future of Webdesign conference that takes place on the 18th and 19th of May. The lineup looks amazing, and I can’t wait to get a big dose of inspiration and delighters.

I’ve looked long and hard at the session schedule and picked out a number of my personal must-see talks. Hope to see you there! :)

Tuesday 18th May

Dan Cederholm‘s “How to Get Started with CSS3”
I’m keen on catching at least one session about CSS3 as well as HTML5. Dan’s session should be an interesting intro to what will hopefully soon be enabled in all browsers.

Denise Jacobs – “Graceful Degradation of CSS3”
As much as I love to look forwards, it’s important to respect previous browser versions. I look forward to Denise’s walkthrough on how to do that.

Aaron Walter – “Learning to Love Humans: Emotional Interface Design”
Arron is the lead User Experience designer at MailChimp – which is reason enough for his session to be on my must-see list. Also, it can’t be of any surprise to anyone that emotional design is becoming (or should be) an inevitable part of designing experiences.

Sarah Parmenter’s “10 Tips for iPhone Interface Design”
Designing really good interfaces for the iPhone still seems like a difficult task for me, which is why I look forward to hearing Sarah walk her audience through the 10 Principals. Also, my hunch tells me there might be a little something abode iPad interfaces in her session too :)

Brad Haynes – Smart Tips for Wireframing
Wireframing is an extremely useful tool both when it comes to strategic planning and the actual design phase, and so I really look forward to Brad’s tips on this.

Wednesday 19th May

Aral Balkan – The Art of Emotional Design
The two talks I’ve seen by Aral in the past have been great performances, and I’m sure this one too will leave the audience inspired and delighted.

Dan Rubin – Blending Usability Testing with Interface Design, Prototyping and Rapid Iteration
I’m all for optimising workflow – and it seems like we’ll get to hear about a practical, hands on approach to doing just that.

Bruce Lawson‘s “How to Build a HTML5 Website – Live Demo”
Bruce’s session is on my list because live demo’s are usually unpredictable, nerve wrecking and hectic. This should be fun :)


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