(written 2nd August 2010, updated 7th September 2010)
Flash On The Beach 2010 is less than 8 3 weeks away, so I’ve browsed through the schedule to see what awesome stuff we have in store this year. I’ve started to compiled a must-see list that I hope you will use as inspiration to start yours.

Monday 27th September 2010
Grant Skinner – ADHD FTW, LOL!!!
Often having a fragmented work day myself, I’m keen to hear Grant’s advice on how to work with that and develop in focused sprints.

Andre Michelle – Pulsatile Crackle
Andre will be talking about music and physics. That’s all I need to know to have his talk on my must-see list :)

Lee Brimelow – Developing for the mobile web
Developing for mobile devices has become an inevitable part of the ever growing media platform portfolio designers and developers need to know and be able to work with. I’m keen to see Lee walk through this step by step.

Karsten Schmidt – Polymorphism, open source & generative design
Karsten’s session description isn’t even up yet, but I missed his talk last year. Not making that mistake again. Karsten promises to show lots of visuals of things learned about lots of stuff. I expect a visual orgie of inspiration.

Stefan Sagmeister – Design and Happiness
Some of the best sessions I saw last year at FOTB were the inspired sessions, so of course Stefan’s session goes on my must-see list.

Tuesday 28th September 2010
Elevator pitch
This session was an absolute high point last year – insane tempo, fun speakers and really just a joy to kick off day 2 of the conference.

But as I might have mentioned, I’ve been fortunate enough to be accepted as one of the pitch speakers. So while I’ll be watching this one from behind and on stage, you should definitely put it on your must-see list!

Jon Howard – Where in the world? Intercontinental Ballistic Flash
Jon’s talk ends up on my must-see list because his performance in the elevator pitch session last year was simply fantastic. I want to see more.

Seb Lee-Delisle – What the Flux!?
Seb raises two important questions in his talk: “Is Flash dead?” “Is Apple evil?” – and I look forward so hearing his view on this. Also, I had so much fun watching him talk last year, that he’s a definite must-see speaker.

Julien Vallée – Storytelling, playfulness and experimentation
I’m glad to see someone taking up subjective perception and experimentation processes. Really looking forward to this one.

Wednesday 29th September 2010
Jam Throwdown – 6 of the Best – 10 Mins Each
This session was so much fun last year that I’m definitely going to catch it again. 6 top notch speakers within an hour is a guaranteed success.

Ralph Hauwert – UnitZeroOne: The Discontinuity
I’m not 100% sure what to expect from Ralph’s talk, but when a session description includes “creative coding” and “erratic thinking”, I get curious :)

Lauren Jordan-Bambach – Digital mythbusters
I didn’t catch Lauren’s session last year, but heard it was awesome. So this year, I’m there to hear her thoughts on the industry principles.

Remy Sharp – HTML5 vs. Flash: Who’d win a fight?
The HTML5 vs. Flash discussion is interesting and relevant. Plus, Remy is a great speaker, so he goes straight on to my must-see list.

Remi is no longer on the schedule, which is perfectly understandable considering the tragedy he and his wife are going through. I remove Remi from my must-see list with a sad heart and send them my deepest condolences.

Tali Krakowsky – The Spaces in Between
I love space – both the visual, mental and physical kind. And the session description of Tali’s talk spell binds me. I’m intrigued.

I’m sad to see Tali is no longer on the schedule. I was really looking forward to this session, and hope to catch her at another conference in the future.

Look forward to seeing you all at FOTB 2010:)


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  1. I think the idea of must-see lists is great way to share your experiences and thoughts. It is a pity there ain’t many of them done. I was glad to find yours and did mine (even founded my own posterous site). FOTB will be a blast this year, so many interesting and inspiring topics… :D Thanks for the good post.

  2. Thanks Mikko :) I find must-see lists to be a great way to prepare for a conference and work your way through the schedule. There’s nothing worse than feeling you really missed out on a great session because you hadn’t gone over the schedule well enough. See you at FOTB :)

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