Yesterday I got some amazing news that I want to share with you:
I am going to speak at the fantastic conference Flash On The Beach in Brighton on the 26th to 29th September 2010.

John Davey, the organiser of FOTB, was kind enough to tell me the good news in person as we were both attending the Future of Webdesign conference in London.

I’m thrilled to be presenting at FOTB as a part of the Elevator Pitch session which I found hugely inspiring last year. The Elevator Pitch session consists of 20 three minute talks by different speakers with different topics. Needless to say, there’s an intense and fun loaded energy throughout this hour, and I can’t wait to join in.

I won’t tell you about my topic yet – but I guarantee you there will be no bullet points ;)


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  1. Congrats Trine! No wonder you were so happy at FOWD! Will you be speaking about how everyone should abandon bullet points in presentations? ;)

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