Last year, when my colleagues and I visited Brighton for Flash on the Beach, I had a particularly lousy food experience at Pinocchio on New Road. So this year, to avoid any more culinary death traps, I’ve asked my lovely Brighton tweeps for restaurant and cafe recommendations. And as I want all FOTB goers to have nice food too (good food is important, you know) :), I thought I’d share the list.

If you have any additions to the list, please leave a comment.

Bon appetit, and looking forward to seeing you all soon :)

Taylor st. Baristas (breakfast & lunch, opens at 7.30am on weekdays, 8/10am on weekends) – map

Bill’s (breakfast & lunch, opens at 8.00am/ 9.00am) – map

Farm (breakfast & lunch, opens at 9.00am/ 9.30am)- map

Cafe Delice (Breakfast & lunch, opens at 8.30am) – map

Kensington Cafe – map

Inside out – map


Giraffe (breakfast, lunch & dinner, opens at 8.00am/ 9.00am) – map

Pho (Vietnamese) – map

Las Iguanas (Latin American) – map

Terre a terre (Vegetarian) – map

E-Kagen (Japanese) – map

Moshi (Japanese) – map

Wagamama (Pan-Asian) – map

Casa Don Carlos (Spanish) – map

Pompoko (Japanese) – map

Murasaki (Japanese) – map

L’Eglise (French, in Hove but worth the effort) – map

Yeoman (pub food) – map

Bombay Aloo (Indian vegetarian) – map

Giggling Squid (Thai) – map

La Capannina (Italian) – map

Gourmet Burger Kitchenmap

Pinocchio – map

Cafe Rouge – map


2 Responses

  1. I am a huge fan of Pompoko (which you listed above), specially for their outrageously good japanese curry rice dishes, but this year I’m glad I found something definitely worth adding here:
    Food for Friends (Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-free). Be sure to try this one next year! :)

    Cheers. (By the way loved your 3 minute session at FOTB)

  2. Hi Fernando, I didn’t get to eat at Food for Friends this year, but will definitely make sure to do that the next time I’m in Brighton. And thanks for the kind words about my pitch – means a lot :)

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