Aral Balkan – the art of emotional design
Aral’s energy on stage is contagious, and it was a true delight to hear his talk.
I can’t summarise everything he talked about (because I was busy listening instead of taking notes :), but in short, what Aral said was:

In order to make great XD (experience design), you need to not piss off your users. If your app doesn’t _function_, you don’t have the foundation to create a good experience for the users. Once your app functions, you should aim to create something that will make your users smile and improve their day by adding a little fun to their lives.

He sent us off with a wise warning: Be aware of the weakest link. The bit that’s not in your control is the one that is most likely to potentially ruin the user experience (e.g. a third party API).

Aral got the longest round of applause of the entire conference. Well done and well deserved :)


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