Simon Collison – what webdesign will look like in 2012
Simon walked us through his own subjective views on how webdesign will lool in 2 years. His main point were:

1. Publishing will become much more dominant on the web, especially since devices like the iPad will become part of many households.

2. CSS3 / HTML5. When this becomes supported in all browsers (read: when IE users finally upgrade to IE9) we will see a great increase in designs made directly in the browser. A great example is Trent Walton’s article on CSS3 in transition.

3. Typography. We will be seeing more and more lush and rich typography on the web, as things like Typekit has eliminated the constraints of web safe fonts. So it’s important that purpose becomes key – go wild, but think about what purpose you have in your font choices.

4. Systems and editorial design. We need to design smart systems (grids etc.) for the web (which I guess HTML5 will help us do to some extent).

5. Reduction and restraint. Simon thinks we’ll be seeing more restraint in webdesign – even more simple interfaces. To use his words, it all about “being economical with the ingredients of the webpage”.

6. It is, and will remain to be, important to understand things like layout, contrast, composition etc. But understanding movement will become key as well – understanding animation, movement patterns – how things react when animated. A great example is The Pure CSS Coke Can.


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