Learn about the value of ethical design, how to get buy-in & apply ethical design principles with success.

The ethical design masterclass is a 4 hour live, online event with Trine Falbe, ethical design expert & author of The Ethical Design Handbook

Time & date

Thursday 9th March 2023, 5PM to 9PM CET


1 hour follow-up session Tuesday 28th March 7.30PM CET

Who is it for?

The ethical design masterclass is for people who work in the digital space; UX (research & design), UI designers, product managers and developers, who want to grow confidence and competence in ethical design.

After the class, you are able to:

  • Understand the mechanics and value of ethical design
  • Make the convincing case for ethical design to stakeholders, leadership and colleagues
  • Build habits to successfully apply ethical design principles in your work

What we’ll cover

The masterclass focuses on 3 topics to set you up for succeeding with ethical design.

the foundation

  • Get to know the ethical design landscape
  • Learn the value of ethical design
  • Learn about ethical decision making

getting buy-in

  • Learn ways to identify challenges and opportunities.
  • Learn how to communicate the value of ethical design to get buy-in from your stakeholders and organisation.


  • Learn to build habits to help you work with ethical design in every project.
  • Learn ways to spot and fix deceptive design patterns
  • Learn to measure the impact of ethical design


Standard ticket:


A 30% discount is offered to students & people from low-income countries – use discount code “discount2023”

The discount is offered in the spirit of fairness. I want to do my bit to give equal access for all. I trust that those who need it will use it, and those who don’t, won’t.

25% VAT will be applied on tickets sold to individuals an non-VAT registered companies within the EU.

Prefer to pay via invoice? Get in touch and we’ll sort that out for you.


Here is what some of the past participants have to say about the Ethical Design Masterclass.

Trine has conveniently rounded up a masterclass that is absolutely packed with valuable thought framing insights, useful workshop methods and practical ethical design work tools.

It pushes us to defy common adoption blocks to ethical design practices, shows us how to identify, measure and showcase their impact and to exercise persistence in bringing equality, transparency and privacy to every product’s goals.

Vanessa Silva

Design Manager

It’s been a very inspiring experience and she covered the topic from so many perspectives: what is ethical design, why should we even do it and how do you get buy-in?

I really enjoyed the session and I’m currently digging into the details of some of the materials she provided.

Andreas Wolters

Founder @Studio Lama

Trine’s Ethical Design Masterclass is a wonderful balance of well researched content, helpful and memorable concepts that provide direction on how to gain buy-in and an overall engaging learning experience.

The knowledge she shares will be appreciated by anyone who wants to deliver products, services and experiences with a deeper sense of reflection.

The growing consumer demand for value alignment and the broader real-world applicability of ethical design across industries makes it well worth exploring in this masterclass – highly recommend!


UX Designer

About Trine Falbe

Trine Falbe is an experienced designer with a wide background in digital design.

For 20 years she’s been driven to create value for people.

She is a consultant (ethical design, responsible innovation and UX), author ( The Ethical Design Handbook), speaker and educator, and also the founder of The Ethical Design Network, where ethical minded designers from across the world come together to discuss how we can design in an ethical way.