Most things we do in our creative process is focused on a goal: A website design, an iPhone app, a brochure layout or a piece of audio for an application. But how often do we take time to create for the sake of just that – creating? And worrying less about the outcome – whether is succeeds or does a crash & burn?

I don’t. Or, more correctly put, I didn’t.

I make it a point to my students to do this. To take time to create “stuff” and focus on the process rather than the goal. I tell them that there’s no place like school to crash & burn, because the costs are significantly lower than they are once they start working professionally.

I’m not saying that your process shouldn’t have a goal. I’m simply saying that sometimes it can be a very freeing experience to _just_ create.

And now back to the I don’t/ I didn’t sentence.

I’ve played the piano since I was about 8 years old, but much to my own regret (seen in painfully clear hindsight) I stopped taking lessons when I was 16.
I’ve always had a piano though – I never could sell it, so it’s been with me through many a move.

And then, last year, I finally started taking lessons again. And that opened up a whole new understanding of the process of creating for the sake of creating. No specific goal, deadline or client from hell, just creating. And I’ll tell you, it is amazing for your zen and sanity. Yes, I crash & burn – often. But it’s not important :)



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