Grow a vocabulary and a professional practice around ethical design

The Ethical Design Corporate course helps responsible companies develop and grow a long lasting business without compromising their core values.

The course is also suitable for agencies who want to strengthen their vocabulary on ethical design and ultimately educate and help their clients to build more ethical products and services.

course introduction

In this video, Trine Falbe introduces ethical design and walks you through the outline of the course.

Course outcome

Through the course, the company will gain in-depth knowledge of ethical design and the advantages that come with its implementation.

Participants will learn the toolkit and acquire knowledge to advocate for – and work systematically with – ethical design.

Upon completion of the course, the company will have a plan of action for the application of ethical design in the organisation, product development, work processes and business foundation.

course scope

The ethical design corporate course consists of 8 one-hour sessions with in-between tasks.

One session per week is recommended, but this is flexible and will be arranged individually.


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