Hello, and welcome to #CoronaConf! It’s not an actual conference, but one that consists of curated talks from past conferences around the world.

Each weekday I’ll be posting a set of 3-4 different conference videos, spread across different subjects so there’s something for everyone.

A lot of us are either partly or fully isolated in our homes, and that can be tough. A lot of us has also had conferences, meetups and event cancelled due to Corona. So #CoronaConf is all about bringing the conference to us!


Not what you were looking for? Check out the full list of videos from 40+ conferences.

Day #5

From pages to patterns” by Charlotte Jackson (Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2016)
In this talk Charlotte explains how to build pattern libraries. Super relevant and educative talk!

Music is medicine, music is sanity” by Robert Gupta (TED 2010)
This TED talk is a beautiful, beautiful look into the power of music and one that has stayed with me since I first watched it many years ago.

Beyond Copy Paste: interactive documentation” by Maria Naggaga (Codegarden 2019)
Maria talks about Try .NET, an inline code runner and playground that enables people to experiment and learn about C# in the browser.

Day #4

Accessible unethical technology” by Laura Kalbag (Accessibility Scotland 2019)
Laura speaks about some of the big problems we face in tech today, and how we can start building inclusive and ethical technology tomorrow.

The Long Tail of Performance” by Tim Kadlec (Codegarden 2019)
Tim talks about how to ensure that your sites perform well – even when things go wrong.

Elevate your designs with animation” by Val Head (Design Matters 2018)
Val shares her learnings on how to use motions effectively to make your work stand out and to approach projects differently.

Day #3

Your body language may shape who you are” by Amy Cuddy (TED 2012)
This talk was really an eye opener for me. Amy explains how we can shape our state of mind through our body and reduce stress and increase self esteem. And it works.

SVG filters: the crash course” by Sara Soueidan (Beyond Tellerrand Munich 2018)
Sara is a succesful developer and popular conference speaker. Highly recommended talk!

Reducing the friction of online payments” by Peter O’Shaughnessy (Render Conf 2018)

Day #2

A Word to the Wise: Writing Product Copy to Transform Your User Experience” by Andrea Drugay (Smashing Conf Freiburg 2018)
Super insightful talk about how the words we use in interfaces shapes the experience and usability.

5 Steps to Change Your Note-Taking” by Eva-Lotta Lamm (Amuse Conference 2018)
Great talk on how to do sketchnotes.

Dirty Little Tricks From the Dark Corners of Responsive Web Design” by Vitaly Friedman (Amuse Conference 2018)
Vitaly takes us through a wide range of design patterns for responsive design. A must-watch!

Day #1

Never show design you haven’t tested” by Ida Aalen (UX Copenhagen 2017)
Ida is that rare combination of funny and super smart. She talks about how all products must be tested, and that it doesn’t have to cost a gazillion $/€/… to do it.

Hack to the Future” by Seb Lee-Delisle (Render Conf 2017)
This talk has lasers. And is the most fun conference talk I’ve personally seen in years.

The job your product does” by Prof. Clayton Christensen (Business of Software USA 2011)
I haven’t seen this talk (yet) but it comes highly recommended!

Designer vs Developer” by Dan Mall and Brad Frost (Smashing Conf NYC 2019)
Dan and Brad (and Ian, Brad’s younger brother) show us how to rapidly build out early prototypes within a tight timeframe. Also, this talk is fun. A lot of fun!

Want to help curate #CoronaConf?

If you watch a good talk, maybe from the huge list I’ve posted here from this list, please send the link to me along with a super small description of the talk and why you found it enlightening/ inspirational/ entertaining/ etc.

You can reach me via email trine@trinefalbe.com or Twitter.

Thank you kindly!




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