These are strange and stressful times. Most of us have been confined in our homes. The isolation is starting to wear on us. We worry about the health of ourselves and the people we hold dear. On top of that, a lot of people are facing the loss of their job.

We can’t go to conferences or meetups for the time being. So I say: let the conferences come to us! Thanks to my lovely network, I’ve managed to put together a long list of videos from conferences around the world.

Below is the sorted list of conference videos, and in addition, I’m publishing 3-4 specific talks every day under the concept of “Corona Conf”. We are a lot of people around the world who are confined in our homes, so I figured that if we can’t go out to conferences, the conference must come to us.

See the daily talks of #CoronaConf here!

Awesome women speakers

Women talk design

Web design & development

Smashing Conf Freiburg 2018 (web design/ development and UX)

Codegarden (web design/ development and lots of Umbraco stuff)

An Event Apart (UX and webdesign)

Render Conf 2018 (web design/ development)

An Event Apart 2019 (UX, web design/development)

Pixel Pioneers Bristol 2019 (web design/ development)

FF Conf 2009-2019 (web design/ development)

Smashing Conf NYC 2019 (web design/ development)

Smashing Conf Freiburg 2019 (web design/ development)

Smashing Conf San Francisco 2019 (web design/ development)

Smashing Conf NYC 2018 (web design/ development)

Smashing Conf Toronto 2018 (web design/ development)


WordCampTV (WordPress)

Javascript for WordPress 2019

Web performance

Fronteers 2016 (web performance) 2019 (web performance)


Sustainable UX 2019

UX Copenhagen 2019: Privacy & Consent

UX Copenhagen 2018: Ethics

UX Copenhagen 2017

UX Copenhagen 2016: Emotions and trust

The UX Conference London 2017-2020


Amuse Conference (UX research & design)

NorthernUX (NUX)


Talks by Disability Rights Lawyer Lainey Feingold about the legal side of accessibility and usable design

Adaptive Path (videos from UX Week, LX: Leading Experience, The Service Experience Conference)

Accessibility London

Accessibility Scotland

Inclusive Design 24

Software design & development

Infoq (collection of of software design/dev talks)

Øredev Conference 2019 (software development)

StarCon 2018-2019 (Software engineering)

Craft Conference (Software crafting)

Creative technology

Beyond Tellerrand (web design/ development, creativity)

Design Matters 2015-2020 (digital design)

Awwards (web/ UI design, creativity, UX)

Business & management

Stretch Conference (Leadership & management)

Crunch Conference (Data science, engineering and business analytics)

Business of Software – Prof. Clayton Christensen

Business of Software – Kathy Sierra

Business of Software – all talks

Impact Conference (Product management)


MicroConf 2017 (Growth & marketing)


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