These are strange and stressful times. Most of us have been confined in our homes. The […]
I have a love/hate relationship with personas. Mostly, I hate them. And I know that I’m […]
This morning I was hit by a severe door slam. I was checking my twitter stream […]
Yesterday David Arno tweeted this: “Use proper affordances — buttons should look like buttons” Why? How […]
I love usability testing. There is something extremely rewarding and challenging about interacting with actual users […]
Simon Collison – what webdesign will look like in 2012 Simon walked us through his own […]
Paul Boag – 5 new skills every webdesigner must know Paul’s talk was highly inspirational, fun […]
It’s Friday morning on the 21st May 2010, the day after I returned home from the […]
This post is inspired by two tweets made by a former students at The Nordic Multimedia […]