Flash on the Beach 2010 was a very different experience from 2009 for me. First of […]
Last week, I was fortunate to be part of the Elevator Pitch Session at Flash on […]
I’m fresh back from Flash on the Beach in Brighton. The conference was great, hugely inspiring, […]
Last year, when my colleagues and I visited Brighton for Flash on the Beach, I had […]
(written 2nd August 2010, updated 7th September 2010) Flash On The Beach 2010 is less than […]
Dan Rubin – Blending usability testing with interface design, prototyping and rapid iteration Dan’s talk was […]
Aral Balkan – the art of emotional design Aral’s energy on stage is contagious, and it […]
Simon Collison – what webdesign will look like in 2012 Simon walked us through his own […]
Paul Boag – 5 new skills every webdesigner must know Paul’s talk was highly inspirational, fun […]
Sarah Parmenter – 10 tips for iPhone interface design Sarah gave us a thorough walk through […]