These are strange and stressful times. Most of us have been confined in our homes. The […]
On the 11th of September, my lovely colleague Tina and I flew over the small pond […]
My talk at gotoAndSki(‘Switzerland’) was about cognitive psychology and what we can learn from psychology to […]
I’m fresh back from a short trip to the Swiss Alps where I had the privilege […]
Over the past three days, I’ve posted 3 blog posts with Presentation Ninja Tricks, and I’ve […]
In the two previous posts, I’ve shared with you my Presentation Ninja Tricks on the first […]
In the first post of this series, I shared with you how to get started with […]
This post is the first of (so far) three posts about presentation skills. I’ve spent a […]
gotoAndSki(‘Switzerland’) is only a few weeks away(!), and I absolutely can’t wait! There will be a […]
gotoAndSki Switzerland is not your usual conference. It takes place in the Swiss Alps on the […]