Partnerships & initiatives

I started The Ethical Design Network on January 26 2022.

It is a network for people interested in ethical design to share, inspire and empower

With the Pre:Sprint framework you can help your team fold ethical principles into your project.

Buy the Pre:Sprint DIY workshop kit and run your very own responsible innovation workshop!

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Falbe & Junell is a partnership between product innovation expert Tanya Junell, and ethical design expert Trine Falbe.

Published books

The Ethical Design Handbook (2020)

A practical handbook on ethical design for digital products. With practical techniques to make honest interfaces work for digital products. Full of practical guidelines on how to make ethical decisions to influence a positive change without hurting the bottom line.

White Hat UX (2017)

Most things in life come with a dark side. For years, the online space has acted as a playground for thieves, bandits and murky types who will use every trick in the book to make you do the opposite of what you set out to do. But there is hope. The next generation in user experience is coming.

About me

I am considered an expert and thought leader in ethical design and responsible innovation.

I grew up in UX and have worked in the digital space and education for +20 years.

I’m the co-author of the Ethical Design Handbook and the founder of the Ethical Design Network, and I regularly speak at international events, contribute to research and other initiatives to push and promote ethical design as a way forward for the digital industry.

I genuinely love using technology, innovation and education to solve problems and fill the gap between people and business.

I am also the proud co-founder and CEO of SimpleUX, an app made for simple, moderated UX testing.

Clients & collaborators