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As a professional speaker for more than 10 years, I am confident and always delivers engaging and inspiring talks.
Below are examples of the types of talks I give. 


Ethics and taking responsibility in design is more relevant than ever. And it’s easy to agree that people would generally benefit from less evil digital products. However, it’s often easier to agree to than do.

The talk will introduce a take on how to make products and services more responsible, one step at a time. It includes ways to identify opportunities for improvement, how to get business buy-in and how to set up for success.


The children of today are growing up in a different paradigm than their parents, who might even remember what the world was like before the Internet! This impacts the way they perceive and interact with the world around them, especially with digital products. This talk explains how kids develop and learn, and how to design digital products that help them grow rather than dumb them down.

Better user experiences

The importance of digital projects is rising, e-commerce is growing, and the battle for the online market is intensifying. With it, follows an increased motivation to cheat and the methods to do so get more sophisticated by the minute.

In the end, you get better results if you design good, fun, exciting, lovely, interesting and real user experiences. This talk introduces the how’s and what’s of better UX.

Published books

The Ethical Design Handbook (2020)

A practical handbook on ethical design for digital products. With practical techniques to make honest interfaces work for digital products. Full of practical guidelines on how to make ethical decisions to influence a positive change without hurting the bottom line.

White Hat UX (2017)

Most things in life come with a dark side. For years, the online space has acted as a playground for thieves, bandits and murky types who will use every trick in the book to make you do the opposite of what you set out to do. But there is hope. The next generation in user experience is coming.


I offer services in two areas: user experience and ethical design.

My goal is always to help my clients create more meaningful, trustworthy experiences for their customers.

I facilitate workshops for companies and networks on digital experience and ethical design.

My workshops are suitable for groups from 10 to 40 people and can take place either on-site or online.

My workshops always includes 3 components: inspirational input from me, hands-on activities for the participants, and feedback loops.

I offer advisory sessions and consultancy to companies who want to improve their digital experience and create more meaningful, long lasting relationships with their customers. I also help companies develop and improve their UX strategy.

I’m a good fit for companies who already have a team working on the digital presence and communication, but who are unsure as to how to specifically improve their existing experience. 

I also work with agencies to help them improve on their UX process and ethical design implementation.

I have been a professional speaker for more than 10 years.

I do talks at conferences and events about UX, digital customer experience and ethical design.

Visit my speaker section to explore some of my previous talks.

I offer a course in ethical design strategy, which consists of 8 one-hour sessions.

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Partnerships & initiatives

I started The Ethical Design Network on January 26 2022.

It is a network for people interested in ethical design to share, inspire and empower

Pre:Sprint is a framework to introduce ethical design and sustainability in product innovation.

Tanya Junell and I are offering Pre:sprint in collaboration with digital agency Blue Label Labs.

Falbe & Junell logo

Falbe & Junell is a partnership between product innovation expert Tanya Junell, and ethical design expert Trine Falbe.

Clients & collaborators

About me

I help companies innovate with care and build responsible digital products.

I’ve been working with UX for 20 years. I’ve done digital customer and user experience in news, for kids, and in various e-commerce. I’ve been an UX educator for a decade, I’ve written 2 books and frequently speak at international conferences.

Ever since entering the digital industry in the early 2000s, I decided that I would spend my time on creating value for people. That drive has only become stronger over the course of my career.

As an independent UX and innovation consultant, I help companies innovate with care and build responsible digital products that their customers will trust.

I also offer workshops and inhouse training for companies who want to grow their competencies in ethical design and responsible innovation.

And if you’re looking for someone to speak at your conference or event, people tell me I’m pretty good at that too.

You can follow along in my work on Linkedin and Twitter.

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