Contrast is King

This post is inspired by two tweets made by a former students at The Nordic Multimedia Academy, Maarja Jullinen.

Maarja tweeted:

“of seeing all the “10 tips to better design” articles. Why, fellow designer, can’t you write something else? I’ll read it, I promise!”

“Don’t promise me no tips unless it’s an actual tutorial. While I realize ‘breaking it down’ is a marvelous idea, it does make my eyes bleed.” Continue reading Contrast is King

Create for the sake of creating

Most things we do in our creative process is focused on a goal: A website design, an iPhone app, a brochure layout or a piece of audio for an application. But how often do we take time to create for the sake of just that – creating? And worrying less about the outcome – whether is succeeds or does a crash & burn?

I don’t. Or, more correctly put, I didn’t. Continue reading Create for the sake of creating